Adolescent,Youth & Schools Health

Youth & School Health  


List of programs adolescent,youth & schools health include:
- Comprehensive school health education
- monitor Create a secure and safe environment in schools
- Preventing disease and injury in schools.
- implementing Programs Health promoting schools (HPS)

- Collect Statistics student population of schools covered
- screening examinations of the students in the form of health certificate
- Identify and refer students with disorder
- implementing programs Training and briefings for personnel
- implementing Training sessions for target groups (students, teachers, parents)
- implementing Programs include: students assessment, patient tracking, programs start the school year, implementing programs for mental health week,implementing programs health week, Children's Day, World AIDS Day, Day of Diabetes, Heart Day, on environmental health, etc.
-  implementing programs related to health events, exhibitions, sports and programs include: Writing, drawing, poetry
- Visit and monitor environmental health in schools, health services  in schools, distributing and consuming milk , monitoring nutritional snacks students
Provide support services to students
- implementing programs First-grade students vaccination
- Health cards for Staff food sales in schools
- Mouthwash projects in primary schools
- Produce and distributing pamphlets, posters, educational tract
- Health messages delivered via IRIB
- preparing indexs ,charts, preparing an annual summary of performance activities


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