Major Activities Occupational Health in Kermanshah health center (KHC) is consists:

occupational health

- data collection Accurate of all units industrial, mining, agricultural, service and  level number of workers in the zone.
- Monitoring and Inspection of all units industrial, mining, agricultural, and small units in the zone.
- Set occupational health plans in the zone.
- Visit industrial units and other units In order to familiarity with processes and  In order to planning Job Examinations Workers .
-Identify, Measurement,Evaluation hazardous in workplaces with use existing facilities (such as physical, chemical, ergonomic , and ...)
-  manage engineering projects to control harmful factors in workplaces.
- Follow the directions checkups before hiring, and periodic checkups (In order to detect and planning for prevent progression Occupational Diseases).
- Job analysis
-Follow up Being Committee of Technical Protection and Health Working in the industries covered.
- Search and find MSDS of chemicals Materials used  in the industries covered.
- Track and monitor "Health Home of the Workers " in the industrial units
Training of Occupational Health experts, Employed in industrial area.
- Performance evaluation of Occupational Health experts Employed in industrial area
- Monitoring the health and welfare services, According to the Ministry of Health Guidelines(including the bathroom - toilet - bathroom -Vestiary room - dining room - water - sewer, etc).
- Performance evaluation of Occupational Health experts Employed in health centers.
- Monitor  occupational health programs in rural health homes.
- Organizing training programs and continuing education for Occupational Health experts, physicians performing the examinations for workers who are trained in Occupational Medicine,experts Employed in health centers and in rural health homes.
- analysis indicators of Occupational health in order to do proper planning.
Attend in Inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral meetings related to workers' health