Statistics & IT Department:

  Statistics & IT

Nowadays you can hardly attend any conference, seminar or workshop where  statistical and  Internet solutions are not discussed or promoted.
 success of statistics depends which we are able to collect, process, safeguard and disseminate this information. Having entered the 21st century, the management of statistical information is unimaginable without a support of adequate tools of modern information technologies.
Statistics is a profession based on collecting, managing, processing and disseminating information.

kermanshah health center(KHC) & Department of Statistics & IT:

 Identifying needs has always been important for  statistical works.
 In this context We will focus on Staff needs  and will also concentrate on how the use of Statistical methods which can facilitate meeting public demands and what is needed to do so.
responsibility of the Statistics & IT Department is assist Staff  and departments in the development of their statistical systems.
We provide direct assistance in the implementation of the Fundamental Principles and compile best practices. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and practices in all aspects of the development of statistical systems.
The Statistics Department provides Statistical support and advice to Staff  appropriate statistical analyses.