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Environmental health is a branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. Other phrases that concern or refer to the discipline of environmental health include environmental public health. The field of environmental health differs from environmental science in that environmental health is concerned with environmental factors affecting human health whereas environmental science is concerned with the environment as it affects ecosystems.

Environmental health is  including assessing and controlling all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors impacting behaviours.
It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments. This definition excludes behaviour not related to environment, as well as behaviour related to the social and cultural environment, and genetics.

Scope of practice in environmental health:
Conduct Public education,health consultation ,Conduct  emergency response for the purpose of prevention of environmental health hazards and the promotion and protection of the public health in the following areas:
monitoring and control quality ;food ; water; housing; recreational swimming areas and waters; radiation control; hazardous solid and  liquid materials ;  sanitation disposal.
monitoring; collection, transport, processing or disposal Solid and Liquid Waste,to reduce their effect on human health,in urban and rural areas, and residential and industrial producers areas.


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