Treatment Affairs Department:

Department of Treatment in Kermanshah city health center (KHC) is consists:

- Oral health

- Pharmaceutical Affairs

- medical equipment

- Laboratories Affairs

The Department  of Medical Equipments  is responsible supervising distribution  medical equipment, drugs ,Dental and laboratory equipment.




advice on oral hygiene:

Our dental hygienists will discuss the most appropriate methods and demonstrate the use of all applicable aids tailored specifically to your needs.

Our aim is to advise and support you in cleaning your teeth in a manner that prevents future dental disease, keeps them looking their best and gives you healthy gums and fresh breath.

This section is designed to give you advice on how to avoid the two most common dental diseases that lead to tooth loss - Gum disease and tooth decay.

Oral Related Topics:
Oral Hygiene Tips and Teeth brushing: 
Fissure Sealants:
Fluoride and dental health:
Oral Disease:
-  Tooth Decay:
Gum disease (periodontal disease):
Tooth (dental) erosion:
Dental plaque: