Development Dprtmant:

Outline Organizational Development Department includes:
- the Human Resources Management and Review in the selection and education Behvarzes.
- Buildings Management
- Facilities Management
- Management subordinate units and health centers
- Operations Management in the health centers and rural health homes
- Performance evaluation and Monitor of Staff Employed in health centers and rural health homes.


About Iran’s Primary Health Care System:

Stages of Referral system 
Stages of Referral system

Iran’s Primary Health Care System is Excellent.


In the past three decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted a policy aimed at more strongly addressing the needs of its population, and substantial progress has been achieved both in the social and economic sectors. Since the revolution of 1979, a Primary Health Care network has been established throughout the country. In rural areas, each village or group of villages contains a Rural Health House, staffed by trained “Behvarz”.

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