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World Health Day   Date

World Cancer Day
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04 February
World Kidney Day
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10 March
World Tuberculosis Day
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24 March
World Health Day
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07 April

World Parkinson's Disease Day
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11 April
World Hemophilia Day
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17 April
World Malaria Day
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25 April
World Day for Safety and Health at Work
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28 April 

World Asthma Day
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 first Tuesday of May

International Thalassemia Day
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08 May
World Hypertension Day
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17 May
World No Tobacco Day 31 May
World Environment Day 05 June
World Blood Donor Day
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14 June
World Hepatitis Day
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 28 July
World Breastfeeding Week
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01 August
World Alzheimer's Day 21 September
World Heart Day Arrow. 29 September
International Day of Older Persons 01 October
World Mental Health Day 10 October
World Food Day
16 October
World Polio Day 24 October
World Diabetes Day 14 November
World AIDS Day
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01 December


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