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Message from the Supervisor Kermanshah city health center(KHC):
Welcome to the KHC sub portal.
According Define of World Health Organization,‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
but Many people do not realize the importance of good health, and even if they do, they may still disregard it. Whether we work at home or in an office, we need good health in order to perform our duties well.
Hope you have understood why is health important for every individual, young or old. It has a huge impact on your overall performance and efficiency. In other words, you have a better control over your life. For healthy living, a disciplined life is a must. You have to eat nutritious food , exercise regularly and Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking. It is also essential to keep the mind healthy by nurturing the right kind of thoughts and proper stress management.
 in kermanshah health center,Our goal is Informing, Educating, and Empowering citizens in community and Access to comprehensive, quality health care services is important for the achievement of health equity  and for increasing the quality of a healthy life for everyone.
As the Supervisor for KHC, my goal is to provide a health care system that is current, accessible and responsive to the needs of all Kermanshah city.
Health care remains a top priority of we  and we will continue to focus on issues that directly affect Kermanshah city. Kermanshah Health center is committed to maintaining quality health care for People while addressing the key issues challenging today’s health care systems.
This sub portal has been designed to give you easy and prompt access to some information about the health care services and  programs to you. It also includes the information about , Global Health Days and  Events,and issues on local, global health.
We will keep this sub portal current and welcome your feedback by e-mail. I look forward to working with Kermanshah to strengthen health care delivery in this province.
I hope that the information that you find here will help you have a  Life and a healthy family.

The Honourable Dr.Toloee
Supervisor of  Kermanshah health center(KHC)